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616[Marbling] RE: Dye-Na-Flow

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  • irisnevins
    May 29, 2001
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      Best to stick to paints made by marblers for the marbling process for those
      reasons, or at least ones that have been heavily tested by marblers. So
      many of the pigments are not compatible with the marbling process or even
      if they are, may not be friendly to other pigments that also are. Sometimes
      certain chemical and physical properties make them sink more quickly,
      spread too much, etc. Unfortunately it isn't always a matter of picking a
      pretty color in marbling. A lot of great colors just plain old do not work!

      I find that a quick dunking in weak alum water (1tbs. per 2-3 cups hot
      water) is sufficient for fabrics, if it is aluminum sulphate or aluminum
      potassium sulphate....the best kind for marbling. I find that I always need
      alum with fabrics, but can use my acrylics on paper (almost all papers)
      without alum. Not sure if this is true of other acrylics. The color is just
      as intense as if alum was used.

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