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  • Deluwiel Xox
    Sep 9, 2011
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      Iris - I started with Jacquard airbrush paints and was getting kind of washed out colors.  I had researched marbling on silk and found so many recommendations to use Golden acrylics for brighter, more vibrant color and that's what I went with.  I wonder now, after a lot more trial and error, if my size was too thin and the colors were spreading too much.  Anyway, I had no clue you could use plain old craft paint!  You don't have to heat set those in any way to keep color intact?  I seem to remember that you mentioned that you use carageen size - have you found that the acrylics perform differently or better on that than methocel?  I had started with carageen and had the problems with the pale colors, but now that I have a much better feel for what the consistency should be do you think there's a clear advantage to switching back?


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      I also rinse in a bucket of cold water gently swishing the fabric around. Anything rough can scuff the surface design. Hang up without wringing out. I put plastic trays under them to catch the water. Next day when dry, I iron them flat to package them. They are a little crisper than originally before marbling, but pretty nice and soft. It's sort of a very lightly starched feeling, very light. I do not use Goldens though, but rather, the cheap "junk" so called, from A.C.Moore, Michael's Walmart etc. Either Folk Art or Ceram Coat. They leave things soft. You may want to dilute that paint just slightly but not much....sometimes it's a little thick in acrylic paste, and as with all commercial paints, you have to test them before you marble. Sometimes they add more dispersant to one batch of a color than the last batch, so there are inconsistencies. If you fins a batch you like, take down the lot number and go buy as many as you can. For about a dollar or so
      a bottle, why not. I use a basic red, yellow, blue, black, white. I mix from there. The fewer bottles you start with, the better you can trace problems back to one.
      Iris Nevins

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      Hi Gail - Here's my process: After lifting out of the marbling tank I dunk the fabric several times in a bucket of cool water to get as much of the size out as possible, squeeze gently and hang to dry. Once they've hung for a good 24-36 hours I heat set, then let them 'cure' for another 24 hours or so, then final wash in cold water and Synthrapol on delicate cycle in the machine. Add a splash of plain white vinegar to the final rinse. Dry in dryer on low heat setting and final ironing results in nice, soft drapey scarves. If the marbling coverage is heavier (more paint colors or over-marbled) the fabric may end up with a different 'hand', a little more texture, but not stiff. I'm having so much fun with these! Good luck!

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      Subject: [Marbling] question re: marbling on silk

      Hi all,
      I have been marbling on the china silk scarf blanks. Some of them are stiff after I heat set them. I used golden fluid acrylics to marble them. Can anyone help me with ways to return the silk back to that wonderful flowing fabric feel and look. Thanks in advance for you suggestions.

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