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  • Sue Cole
    Apr 12, 2011
      I'm sure other members will chine in as well, but ox gall is meant for
      watercolors. For acrylics, it's better to use photo flo or acrylic flow
      release by Golden paints. You mix it up in a seperate bottle about a
      teaspoon to 2 oz of water, then add that to the acrylics a drop or two at a
      time until you get the results that you want. I thin the acrylic down to
      about the consistency of skim milk first with water. If you get airbrush
      acrylics, you can use most of them straight from the bottle because they are
      thinner. I usually get the regular acrylic paints, then thin them because
      it is more economical. According to Iris Nevins, I believe, you can also
      use Palmolive Pure and Clear dishwashing liquid a drop or two in the 2 oz
      of water. You get the kind that is clear and has no scent or additives.
      Wwhat it does is to act as a surfactant - to break down the surface tension
      of the paint, so it will spread more easily. Synthrapol is also a
      surfactant and is very concentrated.

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