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  • carylhanc@aol.com
    Feb 25, 2011
      Hi, Doris,
      Thanks for mentioning this collection - I will certainly add it to the list. Wish I had known or thought about it when I was in London a few years ago!

      I tried to respond off-list, but your email address is bouncing...

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      Hi Caryl,

      A number of years ago I saw a wonderful collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Included were original papers by Sidney Cockerell. As I recall, they were upstairs in the special collections and need to be signed out. All they asked was for some form of identification and accepted my California drivers license! This was in 1988, so things may have changed since then.


      From: carylhanc@...
      Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 5:43 PM
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      Subject: [Marbling] Collections

      Hi, All,

      The recent post of the ebay offering brought this question to mind:

      Would the members of the list who know of marbling collections that are available (usually by appointment) to the public, please write a note to the list locating them? I am teaching a basic marbling class at Arrowmont in Tennessee and would love to include a list of "when you travel" potentials in my handout.

      I know about the Houghton Library at Harvard, and the book arts rare books at the Denver Public Library, and the Newberry in Chicago. I think I remember hearing about a collection at Indiana University in Bloomington, the Governor's Palace in New Mexico and the Seattle Public Library, but don't have specifics. And what else?

      If there are like collections outside the US, I would love to be able to include them in the list.

      Thank you in advance!
      Caryl Hancock, Indianapolis

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