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  • DKMaurer1@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Hello Marbling Friends,

      Just wanted to clarify that the suminagashi site is not mine, nor is the
      artwork an example of my suminagashi marbling. Someone has rather crudely
      paraphrased parts of my first marbling book and misspelled my name when
      showing a copy of THE ULTIMATE MARBLING HANDBOOK. (It's Maurer-Mathison) Hope
      to have a website showing my work with a link to my marbling supply business
      soon. By the way, in the good ole days we were so cavalier about the hazards
      of alum that when we or one of our students weren't sure which end of the
      alumed paper was up we'd stick our tongue on the sheet to taste the correct
      side. My current excuse for the CRS syndrome.....
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