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  • irisnevins
    Feb 14, 2011
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      Sue....it was WATERCOLOR that preceded acrylics. Oils were used before them too... unless you are specifically talking fabric. I believe Charles Woolnough was the first to marble fabric, in the form of bookbinding cloth. I believe he used watercolor, this was about 1870 or thereabouts.

      I am not an oil marbler, though my first experiments were with oil. I quickly moved on to teach myself watercolor marbling, with handfuls of dried seaweed, boiled.... all with the aid of some Rosamond Loring book Xeroxes from a rare books librarian friend, and after months of failure it suddenly worked. I found oil marbling very difficult to get even passable results.... I think it is just hard, and that is why there are few masters of oil marbling, such as Katherine Radcliffe from NYC. She would have the answers, but as far as I know is not on this group. The thing is she in no way is trying to produce traditional style book paper patterns with it, but works brilliantly with the natural flow of what the oils want to do.

      We didn't have all this "stuff" like synthetic thinckeners, or synthrapol type stuff. No fussing about the minerals or not in the water, no extreme meticulousness, etc. I still maintain this simplistic attitude toward traditional marbling and it works. If all this stuff, and I have tried a fair amount, made marbling any easier for me I'd be the first to change, but I see not difference beyond complicating what I have done for 33 years. Not knocking any of it, if it works for people they should use it.

      Iris Nevins
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      If you wat the video called "Just Colour" that I posted they do their
      material with oil colors. Oil was the original method used before acrylics
      came on the scene, but I don't know much about it for fabric - what to thin
      it with or how to finish the fabric. Most people that I know of nowadays
      use acrylics for fabric. Maybe Iris would have some input, or Diane Maurer
      - they are the experts on here.

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