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  • D or Jer Guffey
    Feb 10, 2011
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      I, too, never pre-washed my silk scarves prior to submerging in an alum solution (same solution I used for paper). The one time I prewashed (I think with Ivory soap) the marbling was a disaster! Scarves do need to be ironed before marbling to remove the wrinkles and after marbling I hung them up to dry and then one final ironing to heat set and remove wrinkles. I marble with acrylics and find that using colored silk gives a wonderful result and you can marble with just black, grey, & white and the pattern jumps off the surface and compliments the rich color of the silk (I like jewel tone silks).


      From: irisnevins
      Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 3:39 PM
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      I must marble all wrong, LOL. Not saying to not pre-wash if you want... and I suppose it may very well depend on the maker and what they size the fabric with, but having never yet learned to marble properly (as in self taught, and actually way less meticulous than others), in spite of marbling for 33 years with good results, I have never washed the scarves. I did at times advise to wash, to err on the safe side after hearing people say they need to, or have written about washing them because it's what people seem to want to do, and I also never experimented with many different types of fabric. So I certainly cannot speak for all fabrics. Better to be safe.

      I got the silks from Exotic silks mainly but also Rupert Gibbon and Spyder I believe, and I think one time from Dharma, both colored and white (though have not done it in a few years so maybe things are different). What I did though, was soak them briefly in a weak warm alum solution, swish them around for a minute basically... which I think also at the same time got rid of any sizing that might prevent colors from adhering. I then hung them to dry overnight, then ironed them so they would lay flat on the size. I have also done this with synthetic silk... which has always marbled beautifully. I often got remnants....the bridesmaid's gown materials, very cheaply.

      To be honest, I have a bit of a lazy streak and always want to find the most efficient way to get things done. So when I first marbled fabric, it never occurred to me to pre-wash at all, then I later heard people did that. It has always worked in spite of not washing, and as I mentioned I think the warm swishing in a bucket of alum water may have done enough removal of whatever. Other things that you could actually SEE came out too, like excess dye. I always swished the magenta ones last for this reason, the alum water in the bucket was left pink.

      Also, I learned to skip yet another step of heat setting in the dryer, THEN ironing. My efficiency expert/lazy part questioned why wouldn't just the ironing take care of any heat setting, while flattening them at the same time. It did.

      Never had a problem working this way....just sayin'! Just for fun, it could be interesting on your next batch of fabric, to leave one piece unwashed and just swish in the warm alum bucket, and see if it makes a difference. It may well, depending on the fabric, but you may be surprised too if it works. If anyone wants to experiment and post back... would be interesting.

      Sign me,
      Queen Of The Shortcut
      Iris Nevins

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      yup - I prewash and then alum treat and iron with a warm-ish iron to get the wrinkles out. Thanks for the leads on the DVDs! (I'm so excited to talk to someone who has some experience with this! It's very frustrating noodling around on my own trying to troubleshoot!) - thanks for your help (and patience)


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      you didn't say, so I'll ask just in case. You need to wash the scarves

      first with synthrapol, then soak them in an alum solution, then hang to dry

      and iron them to get the best colors. Peggy Skycraft and Mimi Schleicher

      both sell good dvd's explaining the process. Peggy's is sold through

      www.dharmatrading.com<http://www.dharmatrading.com/> and Mimi's is through her site direct. You can also

      look through the archives for things that have been discussed on this.


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