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  • irisnevins
    Sep 17, 2010
      Thanks for posting Sue. Firstly maybe paper from a retail shop would work, but I imagine it is quite prohibitive for someone doing production marbling, needing to order cartons at a time. This paper is also very lightweight and I would fear it is too light for bookbinding, or may tear when wet and hung on the lines. I have seen it at about $4.00 a sheet. I order 1000 at a time usually, so this is out.

      As for Permalin, just the mention of it makes my blood boil. Several years back, I ordered about 600 sheets and spoke to them about the issues with buffering, and said if I get samples, I want a sample from their current stock. It was an off white, I forget the exact name. I said if my sample works, I want my order specifically from that batch of papers. They promised verbally, I had the person's name. Nothing in writing. The sample worked, I got the paper, it didn't work. It was buffered. I called them hoping to return it and they said no. I said I was promised papers from the same run as the sample, named the salesperson, to only be told she had no right promising me that. They are not responsible for how it worked with my process. Too bad. I sent a piece of the marbled sample and a piece of the actual paper after marbling and they could see the difference. it was a total nightmare. They threw me a very small partial refund just to get me to stop calling and threatening legal action (not really worth my while, but I was saying I would take some action). I gave the whole lot to a bookbinder for plain endsheets just to get rid of them. So I would be very careful dealing with them. If you order make sure you get in writing that you can return them if not the same as the sample. Their sample books and sheets are from older stock that was not buffered. At least Blick is understanding and wants to help their customers.

      Iris Nevins

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      From: Sue Cole<mailto:akartisan@...>
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      Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 3:37 PM
      Subject: [Marbling] paper issues

      I wrote to two marbling friends about the paper issues that have been
      brought up.

      Sue Zajac in Eagle River Alaska uses Hurakaze paper from New York Central.
      The last time I ordered it I had to call them because I couldn't find it on
      their site. It's a Japanese paper and works very well for her.

      Then I worte to peggy Skycraft and this was her response:

      peggy skycraft <peggy@...<mailto:peggy@...>>
      date Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 7:57 AM subject Re: paper issues

      Hi Sue: very nice to hear from you! I am using the Permalin Multicolor
      antique now. I have to order "floor samples" first to test for marbling as
      some of the line is no good. I did one order on the new black called Noir,
      and found it has a good side and a sort of bad side. The bad side alumed ok
      but when dry it got "frosty". Also i had trouble with dried gel spots on
      that side so it seems to not rinse so well. I had hired help so maybe that
      was the problem . No one seems to quite understand how much the papers have
      to be rinsed. I have a lot of black paper extra if you ever want to try it.
      The job I did was two shades of gold metallic plus black which turned out
      quite flashy.

      I am just now finishing two jobs on my old stock paper. Next I start on a
      1500 sheet order on Permalin Blazer Blue which is navy really. It also has a
      good and bad side. I think for the deep colors they add an extra dye coat to
      one side. To the eye, both sides look the same on new paper.

      I have not obtained samples of the Multicolor white and cream but did use
      Powder Gray which was OK but Dove gray was bad.

      I am buying much more paper in each lot. The minimum order is by dollar not
      by the sheet, so I buy enough to take up the minimum order amount.

      You can forward this letter to the marblers site. I don't have time but have
      been thinking about posting a perp report somewhere.

      peggy Skycraft
      36395 S. Morgan Rd
      Estacada OR,97023

      so maybe this will be of some help to someone.

      Also, a small tip: This actually came from Martha Stewart's demo and
      surprisingly, it works. When you can see that you have an air bubble
      through the back of your paper, just tap it gently right over the spot and
      it will fill in.

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