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5745Marbling on Wood (NOT BORAX)

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  • IsaacT
    Jul 2 12:36 PM
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      I am trying to get going on the marbling stuff. I am not trying on paper, fabric, or clothing. I am trying on wood. I saw the other post, and I wanted to get some help not based off borax!

      I have questions based of Marbling with Carageenan.

      I have food grade carageenan. I believe that is not the problem, because I can get paints to float, it does work.

      I have a piece of construction grade mohagany.

      My size is four gallons and it is in a 8 gallon bucket. This is not normal for paper of fabrics, I know, but I want to get the piece of wood painted with one dip. My ratio is 2 tablespoons per gallon.

      I am using acrylic paints made my Liquitex, which has been the best.

      I have attempted Testors enamal paints, which has been a failure.

      I use a gray primer on the wood, so my base coat will show up right, and not harm the wood. I use a base coat and the primer, becasue I do not wish for any wood to be shown after the marbling process.

      The paints will sink, especially black, which I have tried to think with water. That did not work. I have heard my carrageenan thickness could be a problem. So my first question is, to what consistency in thickness should I shoot for? To put what I have in perspective I will put it on a scale. If 1 was water, and 10 was caramel, my carageenan is most likely around 5, where I can use a whisk to move it, but when put on my fingertips, It will stay and give me a sticky felling. I have noticed in dharmas tut-vids, the womens carrageenan fell out of her hands like water. So again, what should I shoot for?

      After I have made a design in the carrageenan, I would dip my wood in the bucket, wipe the leftovers, and pull it out. The carrageenan will flow off the piece of wood, along with that the colors seem to fade and flow off as well. It is not dry to the touch, and the paint will run, but the majority of it will stay. My next question, why is that and what is the fix, if there is one?

      I have heard from the Dharma tut-vid, the girl uses oil paint. That stings me because I use enamel testors inside the carageenan and it doesn't work at all. I thought enamel testors was oil. How does the oil work?

      I have never tried alum, which was said to help it stick, but I have seen people say that does not do it for them either, so Is there anything else that will help me? I do not plan on buying the "marbling paint" becasue I feel it has done all the fun experimenting for me.

      Thanks, and please no borax.

      I will use the primer and then the basecoat, then alum that. After that has been done, this i will marble.