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  • marines bengoa
    Jul 1, 2010
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      Iris, You're such a great help in this group!

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      Hello... I wrote a lengthy reply last night but it seemed to have not gotten in!

      Anyway, there is no set ration per se.... it depends on how think or thin the size is, WHAT the size is, what brand the paints are and what dispersant you use. It is different literally daily even with the same supplies, the temperature and humidity are a factor.

      You need to try different ratios yourself, and for acrylics use Photo-flo and not ox-gall to make them float. Your size may be too thick, or your paints may be too thick if they are sinking.

      It is hard to recall what you wrote without seeing the original email. I don't have that saved nor my reply, sorry if this doesn't answer it for you....if not, ask a further question. Once you get the knack for adjusting colors marbling becomes a lot more fun, promise!
      Iris Nevins

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