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  • artsycole
    Jun 2, 2010
      Hopefully, this will not irritate too many people, but when replying to this group, PLEASE erase the former message(s) or just copy and paste the gist of what you are replying to. When you hit the "reply" button, it repeats all the messages related to that message over and over. I get them in digest mode and I have to scan through the whole thing to see if there is anything new in there. I believe this problem shows up in the regular message mode also.

      Also, the repeated messages take up storage space in Yahoo groups and our group is only allowed a certain amount and it also makes it harder to search through the archived messages because of all the repeats.

      On some of the other groups, they send out notices periodically, that remind people of this by saying "Please be neat, delete".

      Thanks for listening and sorry if I offended anyone.
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