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5603Turkey trip

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  • jharoldflowers
    Jan 9, 2010
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      Hi all,
      I haven't ever posted anything in this group, but I love to read the threads. I'm not doing any marbling at the moment, but I would love to learn. I love anything to do with paper, especially print arts.
      My partner and I are going to Turkey in April for two weeks. Is there anyplace in the Kalakan/Kas area where I could see marbling being done? I would also like to pick up some paper, and possibly some other marbling supplies. What kind of paper is traditionally used?
      Unfortunately, we are not going to Istanbul, and we will only be traveling through Dalaman very quickly to get to Kalakan, but I might make it to Fethiye for a weekend.
      A good friend might be coming with us. He is also very interested in marbling, and we might between us, buy a few supplies and give it a go!
      I am very excited to be traveling to Turkey. I do hope I get to see this wonderful art 'live'!
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