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558Re: [Marbling] Hello again and question about colored fabric

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  • Laura Sims
    Mar 4, 2001
      Dear Pat,

      If you can not wash out the sizing with washing soda and detergent in hot
      water you may want to look for a different source of fabric. It is an odd
      thing that the dye also affects the absorbancy. I work on different color
      silks and find that as well. If I dye my own silk or cotton however there
      is no inconsistentcy. Wish I knew more about manufactured processes. It is
      a good idea to just buy an 1/8 of a yard in some fabrics and test them
      before buying a quantity. If you buy muslin get it from a place like Dharma
      Trading Co. or another source of PFD fabrics.

      Keep at it though. Working color on color is a wonderful thing...worth the

      Best, Laura

      >From: "sewgd" <sewgd@...>
      >Reply-To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      >To: <Marbling@yahoogroups.com>
      >Subject: [Marbling] Hello again and question about colored fabric
      >Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 13:30:24 -0800
      >Hi everyone. My name is Pat and I show up as sewgd in the mail. Not sure
      >how to change that as yet but I really don't mean to sound so impersonal.
      >Anyway,Its been a while since I've written because I finally got my
      >supplies and have been marbling pretty much non stop. Well, I guess
      >experimenting is more to the point because some of the stuff has been
      >pretty awful. But never mind, I'm still having fun and its such a thrill
      >when something does turn out right. I have a few small pieces that I can
      >actually use in my quilts so eventually I'll have to stop and start sewing
      >again. My problem is with colored fabric. White fabric immediately absorbs
      >both paint and liquid and if I have my fingers crossed just right a get a
      >decent print. Colored fabric (even after being thoroughly laundered) just
      >sits on the size and very gradually absorbs both size and paint, leaving me
      >with a grainy print. I would really appreciate any suggestions. I know it
      >can be done but have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Thanks Pat

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