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550Hello again and question about colored fabric

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  • sewgd
    Feb 24, 2001
      Hi everyone.  My name is Pat and I show up as sewgd in the mail. Not sure how to change that as yet but I really don't mean to sound so impersonal.  Anyway,Its been a while since I've written because I finally got my supplies and have been marbling pretty much non stop. Well, I guess experimenting is more to the point because some of the stuff has been pretty awful.  But never mind, I'm still having fun and its such a thrill when something does turn out right.  I have a few small pieces that I can actually use in my quilts so eventually I'll have to stop and start sewing again.  My problem is with colored fabric. White fabric immediately absorbs both paint and liquid and if I have my fingers crossed just right a get a decent print. Colored fabric (even after being thoroughly laundered) just sits on the size and very gradually absorbs both size and paint, leaving me with a grainy print. I would really appreciate any suggestions. I know it can be done but have no idea what I'm doing wrong.        Thanks Pat
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