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5435marbling issues - white spots and sinking residue

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  • suzydobson
    Oct 6, 2009
      Hi all

      I am relatively new to marbling and have found reading these messages invaluable, so thanks to everyone! I am marbling on a carrageenan size using acrylic paints. Switching to golden fluid acrylics (as discussed in this group) has solved some problems I had with colour intensity and blotchy colours where the pigment wasn't mixing well.

      I have two recurring problems which I am hoping someone may be able to offer me advice on:

      1 - I keep getting tiny white spots on the finished image which I believe is due to dust on the size. How do I stop this, other than working extremely quickly once I've uncovered the size? I am also wondering whether the occasionaly tiny white spot is to be expected. I've got a sheet of marbled paper from a professional marbler which does have a few tiny spots on; admittedly it's a second but it has a large air bubble so I presume that's the reason for it being a second.

      2 - When I clean the size I'm obviously not doing it right as I'm pushing some of the residue under the surface so that the size is becoming contaminated and so dark very quickly, after 1 sheet in fact. I've tried skimming lightly and putting newspaper down flat on the size but the trouble with this is that it takes quite a lot of the size with it and some still gets pushed under! This has only really been a problem since I started using the golden fluid acrylics, presumably because there's more pigment/stronger colour?

      Hope to hear from anyone that may be able to help!

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