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  • Antonio Velez Celemín
    Sep 26 9:01 AM
      Good evening my friends:

      I�m sending to you the directs links to the last updates of my blog.

      The centenary of the birth of the master bookbinder Don Antolin Palomino and
      his decorated papers (paste and marbled):


      The Tenth biennial world cup of bookbinding of art celebrated in

      the Spanish participation:

      the wonderful work of Dulce Maria Luna with the youngsters:


      the paper decorators (with links to their sites):


      a Mexican design for a conservation case (with one of my papers)


      an evening with paste papers and young people:


      Thanks to all of you for your constant support.

      I renew to you my request to give the address of the blog to the people whom
      you believe that can be interested in:


      As you can see, I have broadened my horizons, and bookbinding begins to have
      every time a bigger space in it.
      Let's do everything what is in our hands to spread it, bookbinding,
      marbling, decorated papers, that is not another thing than to spread the
      love for the book.

      A very cordial greeting


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