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  • Sue Cole
    Sep 22 10:49 AM
      most people build their own trays to the size of what they are marbling. For the scarves and bandannas and cloth, I built individual tanks for each size. I used leftover paneling for the backs, and 1 x4's I think it is for the sides, then lined them with a double layer of heavy visqueen. For the paper, I found these photo box frames at Michaels which are perfect because they are all clear plastic withsides that are about 1" deep. Unfortunately, the largest size is 16 x 20, so for the larger sizes, I built a tank.

      There are more expensive tanks that you can buy made out of plastic or wood, sometimes you see them on ebay, but I couldn't afford them. I believe they are about $50 and they are for paper. Mimi uses one in her film and explains how to make one.

      You need to thin down the paint enough so that it will float and every pigment is a little different. It's about equal parts of water, but some need more, some need less. The colors I have the hadest time with on fabric are black and red - getting them to LOOK black or red, because they come out paler on the cloth, partly because the cloth absorbs some oof the paint, the same way watercolor paper absorbs some of the paint when you are painting on it, at least that's what I have observed.

      Maybe someone has a better explanation. I've been able to get some nice blacks on silk and cotton, but it seems to be the luck of the draw. Sometimes they come out black, other times they come out grey, same with the red. The reds tend to come out as orange or pink on the fabric. They look red on the PAPER, which I do at the end of the tank, so that's the frustrating part to me that I'm still trying to overcome.


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