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  • figo_botanix
    Sep 3, 2009
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      Hi everyone

      Sharon here from Northamptonshire, England.

      I'm a complete beginner and the have only known about marbling for a few weeks, after thumbing through the back pages of one of my art catalogues and then being enlightened via google. But I've worked a lot with inks & watercolor and can tell I'm already hooked on marbling, without having tried it yet!

      I don't want to bombard the forum with stupid questions so what would you consider the best source of information on marbling techniques for a novice?

      ...But I can't resist asking a few questions right away. One – I have this vision of marbling paper which has regions covered by (solidified) masking fluid, to leave areas unmarbled that I can later fill with pen and ink drawings. Is this possible? What happens to the marbling inks at the interface of paper and mask?

      Two - one thing I don't quite get about the marbling process is after the paper is dipped (and I intend to use watercolour paper), can and should I use a normal paper stretching technique to ensure the paper dries flat??

      thanks a lot,
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