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  • Sue Cole
    Aug 10, 2009
      I would think Phoenix would be large enough you could contact one
      of the Universities and ask for bookbinding or marbling classes.
      Sometimes they offer them together.

      I've bought pretty much every book available on marbling there is
      and downloaded some of the internet.

      Also, there are two excellent dvd's on marbling, one by Peggy
      Skycraft which you can buy thorugh dharma trading at
      www.dharmatrading.com and one by Mimi Schleicher at her site.:
      http://www.marbling.com/ both of these helped me a lot.

      Also, there are many marbling videos on www.youtube.com just put
      marbling or ebru in the search box. One of the best is by two
      australian women who use oil colors, but you can learn by watching
      them is:

      I have had very god luck with two cheaper brands of acrylics for both
      paper and silk scarves. I am in Fairbanks, AK so have to get a lot of
      things over the internet, but these two are Apple Barrel Brand in the
      crafts section at WalMart for $2.00 for an 8 oz bottle and Artworks
      Artist Quality Acrylics - also says ProArt on the bottle about halfway
      down for $7 a bottle from Ben Franklin.

      The paints I have had no luck with at all were the metallic ones - in
      any brand so far. The one I had the biggest frustration with was the
      carbon black from Golden - it "bleeds" of the paper almost every

      I started out with Golden fluid acrylics but they are way more
      expensive, but have wonderful colors you can't get anywhere else.
      Most of the time I just dilute the color with water until they are about
      the cfonsistency of 2% milk or a bit thinner. The blues tend to
      spread themost by theirselves. Each color is different so there is no
      set formula for mixing them, and one day they might work differently
      from another, so I always test them in a corner of the tank to see if
      they will "play"

      The cheapest thing to use for tanks for paper is the "photo frame"
      clear boxes for photos - I get them at Michaels here. You will go
      through a lot of frustrations and discoveries doing marbling, but
      that's how it goes. Just keep going.

      I use photo flo for all these and I get it from:

      One bottle will last a long time - you dilute it quite a bit to use it.

      Also, as has been discussed quite a bit here lately, the main
      frustration now is the paper. Some papers work and some don't
      and right now I've had good luck with the cheaper sketch paper from
      Dick Blick or the white sulphite from
      http://www.colophonbookarts.com/ she is very helpful if you call her.

      As for classes, some are better than others. I just waited for 3
      months to take one because it was here and it was such a
      disappoint, I almost cried. She didn't bring any examples and had
      us working with wet sumi paper, which was like working with toilet
      paper because it doesn't have any size. She claimed she had been
      trained in it, but I had more experience than she did and just tried to
      keep my mouth shut and try things the way she did, but it was a
      disaster. The size was too thick and wouldn't wash off the paper, if
      you were even able to pick it up without tearing it, etc., etc.

      But hands on is still better than trying to figure it out yourself if
      possible. Good luck and hope some of this is some help to you.

      Sue Cole
      Fairbanks, AK
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