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  • gretchen vansant
    Aug 9, 2009
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      I've been marbling for 10 years now? gosh. I got a VHS tape about the process out of the local library. There are many books also , but rarely do they give there true "formula". Gosh I think it took me the first 5 years trial error, and then when I moved I had to change my formula again. You have to almost be a scientist I think. I find it almost impossible to marble when the room is to cold, one part of the vat is colder than another part closer to the heater agh!!! I find it to be a labor of love, which color will be more cooperative today than another. Iris I'm glad you admitted your abit sloppy. I am embarrassed to bring my "helpers" in when I'm ready to lay. I get immersed in the work with the pattern rather than my mess!!!  .I think its great people can come here to ask questions....but you have to discover it somewhat on your own.    Peace Gretchen

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