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5304Re: Need Help- More input

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  • pktlivingstones@bellsouth.net
    Aug 9, 2009
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      Not to give you an overload of information, but would like to give a few pointers, too. Consider myself a professional marbler & teacher & I recommend distilled water for mixing paints & alum. Tap water (even my horrible iron-filled well water when at home) suffices for size. Am a big fan of Golden Fluid Acrylics as paints-- the depth of color I find consistent & outstanding. Instead of oxgall, I use Golden Acrylic Flow Release-- a liquid medium that works really well. I mix distilled water in a small dropper bottle & add 2 - 4 drops of the Flow Release & adjust as I marble during the day.
      Keep at it! When it works, it's so satisfying! It does take a lot of experimenting! You must eventually sift through all the information, even teachers' instruction, and find what works best for you. Welcome to our wonderful world of marbling!

      Pat K. Thomas
      Facebook: tinyurl.com/seenmymarbles
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