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5287RE: [Marbling] Ebru book published by the ministry of Culture Turkey

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  • Feridun Ozgoren
    Jul 10, 2009
      Dear Iris, greetings to all,
      This book was edited by Hikmet and published by the Ministry of Culture of
      Turkey in 2007.
      As far as I know there is not an English version of it.
      I understand it is difficult to find it but one can ask Hikmet
      (ebristan@ebristan,com) if he has extra copies to share.
      Thanks Oz for his comments.
      Best wishes,
      Feridun Ozgoren

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      Hello Oz....can you (or Feridun) give us more info...how to get a copy, is
      there a website, to view it etc. I certainly would like to review it and
      maybe help sales via the Guild Of Bookworkers column I write.
      Iris Nevins
      <http://www.marblingpaper.com/> >
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      Subject: [Marbling] Ebru book published by the ministry of Culture Turkey

      Edited by Hikmet Barut,this book covers many topics related to Turkish
      marbling art by some authorities in the field.

      Though in Turkish and there may be an English version,the article written by
      Feridun Ozgoren deserves to be read -at least- by all Turkish Ebru

      Although I browsed through the book ,I read Mr. Feridun's article in full
      and highly recommend it to all the Turkish members here, if they have not
      yet read it.

      Very enlightening indeed !

      simply marbleous.(Mr.Feridun's article,of course)



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