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  • Oguzhan
    Jul 9, 2009
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      Dear Iris,

      The book is published by the Ministry of Culture Turkey.

      Except for Nedim Sonmez ,almost all other on Ebru knowledgeable people have written articles in this book .

      I checked the ministry web site www.kultur.gov.tr ,

      but could not reach the (Yayimlar) publications section.

      Esteemed friend Feridun Ozgoren with his article has definitely rocked the local Ebru world with his knowledge and views ,
      since he is also a member here ,it is up to him to inform this group
      and that is why I did not give details .

      Honestly ,I believe his article is the most informative and inquisitively fulfilling article I have ever read on Ebru up until now.

      As to the other question posted about my book report :

      yes ! It is the same Hikmet who wrote 'The Dream of Water'.

      He has edited this book,and has various articles in the book.

      Mr.Feridun's article has cast so much shadow that I could not see the forest from his tree.One would wish he himself compiled something worthwhile for the Ebru world.

      Thank you for your sincere interest,
      hope this much suffice for the time being,