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5275Golden acrylics - which is best?

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  • Alejandro Cabral
    Jun 23, 2009
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      Hi there :)

      I just came out of an artist supplies store and I´m a bit confused. When I first came in, I just intended to buy some golden acrylics to try them out, as I´ve read so many things about them in the list. When I asked for some help, the guy at the counter just pointed to a big wall on one side of the store, and I though "there´s probably just a few stacks of these acrylics, I should be able to find them quickly". When I approached it I realized that the entire wall was under a huge "Golden Paints" banner...so, not knowing which kind was best, I decided to come back and ask you guys :).

      Should I get the solid ones? Or the fluids? Which series is best?

      Thanks for any tips guys!

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