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5157Re: [Marbling] Marbling size : X-tra large ?

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  • mehmet sinan akdeniz
    Apr 1, 2009

      Would you put largest Turkish Ebru LINK here?


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      Subject: [Marbling] Marbling size : X-tra large ?
      To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 10:20 AM

      It seems local hibernation in Turkish marbling is over !

      Today I read in Zaman newspaper (they have a US web site and edition):

      Ali Þentürk ,a high school drawing teacher and a marbler,

      along with his students attempted to break the record on

      making largest Turkish Ebru in front of a notar and other essential authorities !

      Apparently previous largest local size was 20 sq.m ,

      and today they have reached 24.6 sq.m.

      Þentürk has claimed there is no other marbled work in the world larger than the one they have attempted.

      It is mentioned that the marbled cloth has a Basmalah,Allah and Muhammed written on it,

      but it is not clear whether the calligraphy is marbled as well.

      With all the incredible wealth of art and cultural heritage surrounding me here in Turkey ,I choose not to be patriotic in terms of long ago globalized marbling art.(aka Ebru)

      The revival and renaissance of marbling arts (crafts) both in the west and here in Turkey has born great artists and incredible accomplishments have been recorded in the last 30 or more years.

      Hope someone will give re-birth to Ink and Gall

      and we will end up with Marbling encyclopedia of the millennium .

      The first attempt to make a large marbled work -that I have been able to hear of - was at an International Marblers Gathering in the USA.

      The second was Hikmet Barutcugil's at St.Sophia and he was also going to try yet another one at the Frankfurt Book Fair ,

      of which I do not know the outcome.

      Internationally acknowledged artists and masters have seemingly set the standards in terms of large size,so in my opinion ,

      any other attempt would be challenging the previous works

      not only in size but also excellence in artistry and design.

      On the other hand ,Hikmet had organized a tribute exhibition for an American marbler ,esteemed Christopher Weiman,may he rest in peace,

      who is to me the GURU of SIZE in Marbling !!

      Some members may not know that Christopher had accomplished the world's smallest marble designs and combs

      3 by 2 1/4 inches ....

      among other contributions to the marbling world.His distinctive floral designs have been christened as Chris Flower in Ebru and marbling records.

      There is a book on him about his work and life ,a must for any marbler's library showing his dedication to learn marbling

      at the cost of being ripped of for false marbling recipes

      at a time when there was not much data on marbling techniques.

      I believe it makes Christopher a pioneer in US marbling history,

      (there are other humble innovative pioneer members in this group).

      Back to the largest marbling attempt of Ali Senturk;

      it is mentioned that the work had calligraphy on it.

      Esteemed marbler Mr.Feridun Ozgoren who is also a member here,

      has challenged the limits of applying Islamic marbled calligraphy,

      and naturally raised the standards to different heights in good taste.

      It will be possible but not so easy to surpass his unmentioned records in this field.

      I wrote these lines because I felt somehow the global audience and readers were addressed in the newspaper article,

      and breaking records are not so easy feats especially in the world of art.

      My point is : great size does not necessarily mean great art !

      for e.g Christopher Weiman made the smallest greatest marbled work.

      I once witnessed Hikmet marbling cloth through a specially crafted device to be curtains for a 5 star hotel,

      the cloth was not segmented ,we would pull the cloth from the roll and through the vat,continuous marble...

      wonder why he has not made any claims on the world's longest marbled work......

      simply lost my marbles on hearing the record attempt.

      thank you .


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