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5057Re: [Marbling] Making our own base papers

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  • irisnevins
    Mar 2, 2009
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      Thanks John. I do know some papermakers, so when (and IF!) I get some time, I may start asking a lot of questions.
      Are the materials expensive, the linters etc.? Is there a website that sells serious supplies, not the little arts and crafts kits?


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      Hi Iris and All
      I have used a big lucite 3" roll to roll the paper pulp flat on cotton twill
      then stack on bread racks to dry and on window screens. I have had to run a
      dehumidifier so it drys and not molds...The cost of distilled water is paid
      for with the electric used for it. I also used a food type carrageenan for
      sizing.. a very small amount. It helped bind the cotton together.
      Twinrocker paper supply sells cotton linters that are incredible.Put them
      in a blender and away you go fill a litter box pan( sound familiar..I bet
      you are already a pro ) pour onto a screen or use a little screen you made
      using a picture frame and a stapler with plastic window screen.. Your in
      The fact that you will not rule out a Hollander beater tells me this is
      I have always wanted to start a paper house co op where we/it would make art
      papers special for those that have to have what they have to have.I made
      water colors paper this way for some older artists that liked the paper
      It is incredible, but really I do appreciate the flat real papers that we
      all use it just got exciting remembering the days youth and paper
      dreams.Photos as promised soon.
      Yours in Ebru..

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