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5051Making our own base papers

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  • Susanne Krause
    Mar 2, 2009
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      Hi Iris and all,

      from your posting I got the impression that, out of despair, you were
      seriously wondering about making your own base papers. It was for this
      case alone my answer was intended. While, with dedication and
      stubbornness, it should be possible in due course to make enough
      serviceable sheets for one-of-a-kind papers I am sure the demands of a
      professional paper decorator as to numbers and reliable quality cannot
      be met economically by anyone except a professional paper maker.
      Just as a bookbinder or restorer may be able to make decorated papers
      for an infill or a single book with enough practice, they will not be
      able to churn out series of tens or hundreds of the same pattern over
      a long period of time.

      We should certainly know more than the theoretical basics about paper
      making, at least when working professionally or part-time
      professionally. I'd even go one step further and say, every
      professional paper decorator should take a course in paper making from
      a first class maker. It helps no end when ordering hand made papers,
      and it also helps when discussing things with a 'normal' paper dealer.
      By this it enhances quality and is a saver of time and money.

      I did take an introductory course with John Gerard years ago. Working
      under his meticulous guidance has taught me more about papers than all
      the books I read before. It wasn't until a particularly difficult
      order months or years later that I realised it also helped my paper
      decorating. From all the side-step courses I have taken during my
      professional life in order to enlarge my view on things this course is
      by far the most fruitful. It is also the reason why I wrote my initial

      So go ahead, Iris and everyone else, and have fun and learn. It's
      worth the effort!

      Susanne Krause
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