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5014Re: [Marbling] New to this Group, and Marbling, but not to Handcrafts

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  • Norm LeBret
    Jan 28, 2009
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      Hi Jim,

      Boy, do I understand the downside of having a cush-job that was supposed to be the career leading to retirement! Sorry to learn that happened to you. I was skeptical about the security of working for a big company, way back in the early '70s when Jimmy Ling's empire collapsed and my brother found himself without a job. Since then, I've always looked to self-employment as being the only real security in life. I wish you the best of luck!

      I stumbled onto "marbling" not too long ago, when I saw some work that looked very much like paintings I've been doing for several years. My technique differs because I only use oil paints and a shallow pan filled with water. My interests lay in the physical interaction between pigments, carriers, and substrates. The variation I get with my simple setup is enough to keep me intrigued for a long time. All you have to do is stea... um, borrow one of your wife's shallow cookie pans or something like that.

      p.s. you can see examples on my page at Art Scuttlebutt http://www.artscuttlebutt.com/nononorm

      From: Jim Kimpell <Highhorse@...>
      To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:15:10 AM
      Subject: [Marbling] New to this Group, and Marbling, but not to Handcrafts

      Hello Marblers , My name is Jim Kimpell and I find the art of
      Marbling fascinating. I have many 18th century books with marbled
      edges and frontice pieces. I am a historical Tinsmith & reenactor of
      the Great Lakes Fur Trade era, and also do early French, and Canadian
      interpretations. We recently bought an acreage with a huge barn in
      the heartland of farm country in Iowa, and I am getting my shop set
      up in the loft. I just found out last week that my job of 10 years
      was permanently eliminated, only 2 weeks after we bought the
      acreage,so , with no jobs available in this area, I have decided to
      have a try at working for myself, and raising Heirloom vegatables,
      Dominique chickens, and uor 5 dogs(rescue animals0 and our miniature
      I have no marbling equipment yet, and I am hoping to find someone
      that has not used their equipment for awhile that would be willing to
      part with everything and maybe get a good bulk deal. I don't want
      this to sound like begging, but I haven't got alot of extra cash on
      hand at the moment, due to current economy.
      So if anyone knows of equipment, books, materials that can be had,
      please let me know. I make very nice leather covered small trunks and
      a large variety of historical tinware if anyone wants to trade !
      I look forward to learning and sharing much with this group.

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