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5013New to this Group, and Marbling, but not to Handcrafts

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  • Jim Kimpell
    Jan 28, 2009
      Hello Marblers , My name is Jim Kimpell and I find the art of
      Marbling fascinating. I have many 18th century books with marbled
      edges and frontice pieces. I am a historical Tinsmith & reenactor of
      the Great Lakes Fur Trade era, and also do early French, and Canadian
      interpretations. We recently bought an acreage with a huge barn in
      the heartland of farm country in Iowa, and I am getting my shop set
      up in the loft. I just found out last week that my job of 10 years
      was permanently eliminated, only 2 weeks after we bought the
      acreage,so , with no jobs available in this area, I have decided to
      have a try at working for myself, and raising Heirloom vegatables,
      Dominique chickens, and uor 5 dogs(rescue animals0 and our miniature
      I have no marbling equipment yet, and I am hoping to find someone
      that has not used their equipment for awhile that would be willing to
      part with everything and maybe get a good bulk deal. I don't want
      this to sound like begging, but I haven't got alot of extra cash on
      hand at the moment, due to current economy.
      So if anyone knows of equipment, books, materials that can be had,
      please let me know. I make very nice leather covered small trunks and
      a large variety of historical tinware if anyone wants to trade !
      I look forward to learning and sharing much with this group.
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