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  • J Dolphin
    Jan 25, 2000
      Small Crafts Warning was intentionally a joke started by a painter I met on
      an art tour--She was comparing how if it could go wrong--it
      had--anyway--just playing on the words about small boats in high water--with
      running a small crafts business.
      I did the "small crafts" fairs here in the Ottawa region, and no doubt I
      was in the wrong place at the wrong time more often than not. I produced
      bookmarks, laminated tags, greeting cards, liners for mugs, gift tags. I
      THOUGHT I had a decent display laid out--but thinking back on it--it
      obviously could have been improved. I spent a lot of time having people
      admiring what I did--but--minimal in sales. I also spent a fair bit of time
      Explaining what I did--and of course--recognize now that my marketing
      approach left much to be desired.
      As I know you are working in marbling perhaps you wouldn't mind telling
      the readers here what your work days are like--some of the highs and some of
      the lows. I for one would appreciate hearing more.

      >From: iris nevins <IrisNevins@...>
      >What is the "small crafts warning" and what were your products? Maybe you
      >just didn't find the right outlets? There is a market for marbling!
      >Just curious....and thanks for starting this list! I have been marbling for
      >22 years and it's great to have a central meeting place on the web.
      >Iris Nevins
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