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4899Re: pigment Dyes

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  • Sue Cole
    Oct 1, 2008
      I went back to Dharma and looked some more and found the one they were
      talking about. It says it can be heat set. they are as much money or more than
      the acrylics, but sounds like they give bright colors, so I might order
      some to try them.


      does anyone know the correct dilution rate for Photo Flo
      200 for use as a dispersant? Is it 1/1 1/10 or 1/100 for instance? I
      bought two large bottles of it and it says 1 TBSP will make 15 gallons for
      photography use.

      Here's the link if you need it:

      it's the best place I've found for buying Photo Flo so far. I had bought a little
      bottle of it from Diane Maurer, but it doesn't say what the dilution
      factor is and she is apparently out of town right now. Thanks for any
      help. I've done 4 dozen long scarves so far using acrylic paint and
      sometimes carageen and sometimes methocel for the gel. I'm getting ready
      to do some square scarves now. I did some men's bandannas and some fabric
      for quilting also.

      I've used the Golden Fluid acrylics as well as other brandsof acrylics and used the
      GAC 900 in them for a softer hand as I read on Golden's site.

      Several colors I have good luck with - the main one that gives me trouble for some
      reason is the black. I've also used the Jacquard airbrush colors and like them a lot.

      I've moved everything inside - winter is here already - so we'll see if that makes a
      difference. I was doing the scarves in a tent in my backyard for the messiness. I've
      done 4 dozen long scarves so far and some men's bandannas and some cotton
      fabric. I'm getting ready to do the large square scarves now.

      Thanks Sue
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