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4897Which to use for marbling fabrics

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  • Elizabeth Brandkamp
    Sep 30 7:52 AM
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      Although I am a relatively recent obsessive marbler, I have marbled
      intermittently for several years on fabric and have tried about all the
      different paints marketed specifically as textile paints or inks. Versatex
      were the first I used.

      My very favorites are the Golden Liquid acrylics. I bought them some time
      ago for straight fabric painting and found them to make too stiff an hand on
      the fabric. However, for marbling, they are wonderful -- they are so richly
      pigmented, you get great color coverage. I do use the GAC900 with them and
      also add water before marbling. When things are going well (as they have
      been lately), I use no dispersant at all. When I do use dispersant, I mix
      the dispersant (I use Synthrapol), I use about 1/2 tsp in a 1/4 cup of water
      and then only use a few drops of that mix with my paints. I am using
      methylcellulose as my size.

      I have also had good luck with the Createx airbrushing paints and like to
      use their flourescents as they are super bright. For fabric painting I have
      used Pro Chem's pigments and extender for years and have been using their
      pigments with the other paints as well.

      I might add that I like using all the different kinds of paints to see the
      interactions that occur!


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