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4872Re: Sinking colors

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  • Sue Cole
    Sep 1, 2008
      I've been doing scarves lately and have done a lot of paper before that. My main
      frustration is sinking colors. I've used both Golden fluid acrylic colors and Jacquard
      airbrush colors. It seems to be the luck of the draw or something. One day I mix
      them and they float just fine and the next day they sink. It may be also like someone
      else said somewhere the order they are added to the tank. I hate to keep wasting so
      much paint since it's expensive. Most of the scarves are turning out very well. I've
      only had a couple turn out so pale that I am going to overmarble them

      I put the paint in a bottle, then add water and test it. It if sinks, I use Golden Fluid
      Acrylic Flow release or photo flo or thinned down synthrapol - NOT all together. I
      don't know if any of you have suggestions, other than to keep experimenting. Other
      paints have too much surfactant without adding anything other than water they
      spread so much you also most can't see the color. I ordered some GAC 100 which
      is supposed to help those colors.

      I talked to Mark Townsend at Golden Paints and he laughed and said that's why
      marbling is addicting and frustrating at the same time. Like Iris said, its a good thing
      I have a lot of hair.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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