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4743Re:Corn Starch Video

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  • Sue Cole
    Jun 24, 2008
      If you go to www.youtube.com there are several videos of people
      doing stuff like this and more with cornstarch. I forget the scientific
      word for when corstarch gets to this consistency. There's a couple
      where a guy filled a swimming pool with cornstarch and people walk
      around on it. If you stop, though, you will sink. Others are people
      doing sound wave experiments to make it jump around. Just put
      "corn starch science" or even corn starch in the search box at the
      top. You do not have to be a member.

      The first marbling that I did that I taught to a class of senior citizens
      was with liquid starch, which is essentially cornstarch with some
      borax in it and acrylic colors. I had to keep the costs down for this
      class and the papers all came out great and people had a good

      Now, I'm on to methyl cellulose, which I've had good and bad luck
      with and carageen gum.
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