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  • Linda
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Hi all - as someone who has marbled only fabric for over 16 years, let me
      chime in here - quilters love the fabric, but generally they want it for
      pennies. Most quilters are not willing to spend seven dollars for a fat
      quarter, 12-15 for a half yard. They equate it to dyed fabrics. We've lost
      out on doing classes because the quilters have said they don't want to do
      another "dye" class. So prepare yourself for a lot of education.

      Putting your fabric in quilt shops - owners are even stingier - you are
      lucky to get it in on consignment, and owners are convinced they have to
      sell everything at twice what you are asking - so even if you wholesale at
      five dollars a fat quarter, the shops want to sell it for 10.

      Also, I spent a year preparing for International Quilt Market, wanting to
      see how the fabric would go. NOT ONE shop owner was willing to pay the
      wholesale price of $4 for a fat quarter, as they said they couldn't resell
      it for $8. Not a lot of originality on their part. Plus, having to have a
      large inventory almost takes the joy out of marbling. And the distributors
      (which is how you want to go) wouldn't even stop and discuss.

      We have been successful getting our work in books and in juried shows, but
      these are finished fiber art pieces. EXCELLENT art quilters will spend the
      money (we currently have a half-yard of marbled silk going for 22 dollars on
      ebay), but you can't support yourself on that.

      Don't want to burst a bubble, but you need to be aware of the market - and
      this is experience talking. That said, I'm happy to answer any of your

      Linda in Tucson
      Unique Fiber Art and Hand-Marbled Fine Art Fabrics
      Marble-T Design
      Check out our eBay auctions!
      Blog: http://marbledmusings.blogspot.com
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