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468[Marbling] Acid in paper

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  • irisnevins
    Feb 7 5:05 AM
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      TALAS in NYC most likely still sells test strips. You wet them and/or the
      paper and hold the strip up to the paper and there is a chart to show by
      what color the strip turns, what the acidity is. Keep in mind that the
      marbling process tends to add a little acid, not much however. I work on
      acid free paper and the marbled side always ends up fairly near neutral. I
      leave it up to the bookbinders/framers/whomever to deacidify further if
      they wish to. The backing stays acid free anyway.

      A good paper that works and is acid free is the Classic line. It is not
      available in art stores, but through local printer suppliers in your area,
      and entire cartons generally need to be bought. Look under paper in the
      yellow pages, or ask a local print shop who the distributor is.

      Iris Nevins
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