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4628A marbling album

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  • avcelemin
    Apr 13, 2008
      Hi all:

      Yesterday I had a marbling day and I have arrange an album with the
      papers I marbled.

      I'm joking...I spent the whole week.

      Seriously, I hope you enjoy my work. In many of my papers could be
      seen (let's think so) the inspiration of the late Christopher Weimann,
      for whom my admiration never ends. When I made my "spanish" I
      carefully remember the instructions of Iris Nevins, unfortunately I
      think I'm always doing my "five" spanish. Two others are made with
      some vignettes from Norma Rubovits at hand. As mines are 50 x 70 cms.
      I named this Bignettes.

      These above mentioned and others north american authors were the
      sources where I learn to marble. This group also helped a lot. I thank
      you all for this.

      I'm very proud to could help in my turn with some Spanish texts that
      Jake Benson is preparing for the group. The article of Charles M.
      Adams is crucial. Everybody that has written about marbling has
      mentioned it, but mention trough mention, the original text is
      becoming smaller and smaller.

      If always that I make a post is to comment writers and books you're
      going to think that I'm a library's mouse, of course it is so, but I'm
      also a marbler. I hope you enjoy my album.

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