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4596Re: Types of cellulose ethers

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  • Erik Haagensen
    Mar 28 5:07 PM
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      > If you try it out, let us know how it goes!
      > Jake Benson

      I've now done trials for some time, both on Carrageenan and CMC sizes.

      In my point of view the CMC seems to work fine - and I have achieved
      good results now. I probably made the solutions a little too thick the
      first times. The CMC type I use needed an incredible small amount to get
      the right viscosity - just 4 or 5 ml (a stroken teaspoon) to 2,5 liters
      of water. It must be well mixed with a high speed mixer - and is ready
      for use after just 2 - 4 hrs.

      Well - since I'm not very experienced in the art of marbling - don't
      put to much in my opinion about this matter. But it seems to work well
      for me.

      I have tried with these colours lately:

      * Lukas Illu-color (Air brush-ink)
      * Windsor & Newton Acrylic
      * Panduro Hobby Lack (Acrylic)
      * Talens Plakaatverf (Gouache)

      So now I'll go on - happy marbling !

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