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4535Re: Types of cellulose ethers

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  • Erik Haagensen
    Feb 25, 2008
      I have tried to find suppliers of carragheen seaweed, but without
      success (Norway).
      However, I ended up at a company providing different additives to the
      food industry - among other things a lot of "thickeners".
      We ended up that he sent me samples of a one type carragheenan powder
      and one type CMC.

      The first one consists of mainly ioata-carragheen - which is the type
      that should not form a jelly - but give a viscous mixture, depending
      on the concentration powder/water.
      As I understood, in the food industry, there's a lot of
      different "carragheenans" and they all are made of different
      combinations of the 3 base types.

      The second sample (CMC) seems to make similar properties when mixed
      with water - but one need a lot less powder per unit water.
      The one I tried gives a viscosity similar to thick cream at 1 flat
      teaspoon per liter water. You have to mix in a high speed blender to
      avoid lumps - and it seems ready for use after 1 hour "resting".
      There is a lot of different types of this material - and CMC also
      have a lot of applications. The rheology and lubrication properties
      makes it suitable as additive in many areas (construction, food, oil
      drilling, etc. etc.).

      Synthetic Ox Gall:
      I havn't the faintest idea. Just that the guy in the artists shop
      told me he had a SYNTHETIC one when I asked for ox gall.
      Here's a link to the one I bought:
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