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4465Re: Pigment Dyes for Marbling

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  • enidadams
    Dec 17, 2007
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      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "pauliquann" <pauliquann@...> wrote:
      pigment dyes...produce incredibly bright, intense colors (on fabric).
      This is all I'm trying to achieve. Just can't seem to get the proper

      Thanks Again,

      Paulette, Jake's right about the difference of pigments and dyes.
      Dharma should be ashamed of themselves for using that misnomer, but
      some suppliers use such a name to infer that the pigments appear more
      like dyes on the fabric. To achieve the deepest colors, use the very
      least amount of dispersing agent you can to have the colors still
      float. Often no additional synthrapol or dispersing agent is needed,
      but just distilled water for diluting, and again, as little as
      possible. Building up density on the tray will also make the colors
      brighter and stronger. Even if they originally spread out, they will
      compress as you add more color. Another way to end up with vibrant
      colors is to marble on colored paper or cloth.

      Good luck!
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