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439Paper exchange?

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  • sidestreet@americanisp.net
    Jan 18, 2001
      I was wondering if anyone on the list, especially the
      non-professionals, might be interested in a paper exchange? The way it
      would work would be like this:

      If there were (for instance) 10 people interested, everyone would send
      in 10 sheets by a given date. These would then be collated into
      packages of 10, one sheet from each participant, and redistributed.
      The only cost would be your time and materials in producing the
      papers, plus postage. It would be a great way to see, firsthand, what
      others are doing.

      If you are interested in this idea, please contact me off-list (so as
      not to burden those who are not interested with unnecessary e-mail)
      and we'll figure out what to do about it. I'm at

      I look ofrward to hearing from you.

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