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  • AVC
    Sep 30, 2007
      Thank you very much for your words, Iris.

      My book will be published next year, I hope. It's not a book on the Spanish pattern, like yours, I admire it, you knew that, I always remember your Rainbow Spanish, but I will include a chapter on this subject.

      In exploit of your message I have created a new album for this group with same examples of it. I have included a book from the famous spanish bookbinder and publisher of the XVIII, Antonio de Sancha, with marbleds edges; Richard J. Wolfe states that he has never seen any marbleds edges in Spanish bookbinding, so I think this is very rare, thougt I've got two more examples. Also I have included a monocrome Spanish, is the first time I see something like this. The others examples show the variety of colors and the use of this pattern till the mid. XIX. 100 years of Spanish in Spain. Out of Spain, many more, as you show on your book.

      I hope you like it, and I invite all the group to enjoy.

      Best regards, Antonio

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      When will this be ready? Good luck!
      Iris Nevins
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      Hello Lucie:

      I will say hello to Montse for you when I see her, sure.

      The book will be an historical account of marbling, a manual, and a catalog of patterns from the historical texts, I mean: the patterns of L'Encyclopedie, the patterns of Woolnough, and so on. Also I want to talk about marbling alive today.

      We have nothing in Spain on this subject. I hope to do a good job.

      Thank you for your interest. If you want more information or you want to signalize something to me, I will receive your comments with pleasure.


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      You are preparing to write a book about marbling.
      In what topics.
      I invent new patterns and develop progressly a new way to think with
      new devellopment in math, scienc and philosophy.

      Say bonjour to Montse for me.
      I hope she's well and healty. We meet in Montreal with Anne-marie

      Presently i'm writting a book catalogue .
      It's will be available at the end of october.

      I can contact me.

      Lucie Lapierre

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