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4310Historical Marbling Accounts now in Files Section

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  • Jake Benson
    Aug 1, 2007
      Hi All,

      I've added a new folder to the files section entitled "Historical
      Marbling Accounts". It contains the text for the Diderot plates in
      French. I'll be adding other texts as I get time, and invite anyone
      else who may be interested to upload similar files.

      Historical Marbling Accounts folder on the Yahoo Marbling Group web site

      Just now, I added another early European text with instructions for
      paper marbling, entitled "Perfare la Carta Turchesca Ondata di Diversi
      Colori" or "To make the Turkish paper waved with divers colours". It is
      from a 17th c. anonymous Italian manuscript preserved in the University
      Library of Padua, No. 922, entitled Ricette Per Far Ogni Sorte Di
      Colore. This text was translated into English by Mary P. Merrifield,
      and published in her book:

      Original Treatises, dating from the XIIth to XVIIIth centuries on the
      arts of painting, in oil, miniature, mosaic, and on glass of gilding,
      dyeing, and the preparation of colours and artificial gems; preceded by
      a general introduction; with translations, prefaces, and notes. London:
      John Murray, 1849. Vol. 2. 712-17.

      Merrifield noted that one section of the text was written in Latin, and
      concluded that that information may have been a trade secret. This
      section on marbling is not written in Latin Does that mean the art was
      not considered a secret at that time? Is it really true or accurate to
      say that marblers were historically very secretive? Or is it just a
      nice story that we've come to accept?

      Jake Benson

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