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  • Jake Benson
    Jul 31, 2007
      Greetings Everyone,

      Images of a marbling workshop from the famous Encyclopedie Diderot et
      d'Alembert are now posted to the photos section. The associated text
      in French is posted in an electronic format in the files section and
      is named MarbreurdePapier(no pic).rtf

      Related Citations (From the late Phoebe Easton):

      Diderot, Denis, and Jean Le Rond D'Alembert. Encyclopédie ou
      Dictionnaire Raisonné des Sciences, des Arts, et des Métiers... Paris:
      Briasson, 1751–1765. Vol. 10, pp. 72–77, "Marbreur de papier," was
      published in 1765. A supplement was published in Amsterdam by M. M.
      Rey, 1776–1777. An index was published in 1780. Several printings with
      different publishers and dates are known. Text differs from the later
      Geneva edition.

      Diderot, Denis, and Jean Le Rond D'Alembert. Recueil de Planches sur
      les Sciences, les Arts Liberaux et les Arts Méchaniques. Paris:
      Briasson, 1762–1772. 11 Vols. "Marbreur de papier," Vol. 5, 2 plates
      and explanation.

      Renault, Anne. The Art of the Paper Marbler: A Mechanical Art. London:
      Camberwell, 1980. 18 pp., unbound, folio form. Edition of 75. A
      translation from the Diderot and D'Alembert Encyclopédie.


      Jake Benson