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426Re: [Marbling] Spots

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  • Jan Walker
    Dec 21 8:31 PM
      >I'm using water colors on caragheen with properly alumed paper. I
      >consistently get a row of dark spots along the line of the paper's
      >first contact with the size. I hold diagonally opposite corners of the
      >paper and place the middle in first, then lay down the sides. Except
      >for these spots, everything else goes as normal.

      Hi! I didn't look at your website but I am familiar with the little line
      of darker paint spots that you describe! I can't remember now exactly what
      I finally decided I was doing not right. But I do remember that the
      problem showed up quite consistently with some kinds of paper and not so
      much with others.

      I was trying various papers made for people doing prints (figuring that
      those papers did not contain the same amount of size that is in the
      watercolor paper, which resists taking up the alum and paint). I got a
      selection from the local art store:
      - Canson Mi-Teintes (80 lb)
      - Lenox (140lb)
      - Stonehenge White (140 lb)

      The Stonehenge paper took color really nicely BUT was really prone to these
      dots. The Canson was only moderate with the dots but I didn't find the
      color was as vivid, especially on the textured side of the paper. The
      Lenox was a good compromise. I see in my notes that I called them
      "concentration dots". I wonder if the paint was somewhat thicker than it
      needed to be so that it blobbed where it first grabbed on?

      Even if it turns out to be an issue of how you lay down the paper, some
      papers are definitely more fussy about this than others. (And try varying
      the sharpness of the angle where the paper first touches the surface?)

      Good luck!!
      Jan Walker
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