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413I'm a beginner

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  • josegomes2@hotmail.com
    Dec 4 9:49 AM
      Hello everybody,
      I am new to marbling and this this site is just what I was looking
      to ask some weird questions which I have so that I can get into
      By the way,the second thing I want to say is that I have to most
      that have given some techniques of marbling which I find very
      interesting,and it's almost two months now I have been surfing the
      only information on marbling and I just found it yesterday but did'nt
      have enough time to post a message,now that I did, I would like to
      a questiion about the (size) carrageen or carageenan moss,or in
      chemical terms sodium alginate etc.
      I believe that the size is derived from a sea weed called Irish Moss,
      well I work and live here on an remote Island off the coast of the
      U.A.E. in the middle of the Persian gulf and some years back I had
      noticed a lot of seaweed being washed ashore every winter on this
      tiny island,but then I did'nt even know about marbling till I had
      eccess to the internet arts & crafts,anyway What I need to know is it
      the sea weed that I can make size with? If so,then do any good
      people out there willing to give me some idea on how I can go about
      processing this sea weed to make the size for marbling,I want to
      this because the readymade size is not available here,infact that's
      the only thing that is not available for marbling.
      I have many more questions on marbling which I would like to ask you
      good people, till next time.
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