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4050A trip to Western Turkey

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  • leech541@aol.com
    Apr 27, 2007
      Dear Marblers,
      I’d like to share with you information on a trip I will be taking in the
      fall. The Palace of the Governors Museum (where I am a curator), the Museum of
      International Folk Art and the Museum of New Mexico Foundation will sponsor a
      tour of Western Turkey from October 13th to the 28 th. While this is primarily a
      visit to historical sites, we will also pay special attention to ebru and
      textile arts. If any of you have been thinking about a trip to Turkey, this will
      be a great opportunity.
      The itinerary for the trip has already been established. It includes stops in
      Iznik, Bursa, Ayvalik (ancient Troy), Kusadasi, Pergamum, Ephasus, Pamukkale,
      Ankara and Hattusas. Back in Istanbul, we will visit the Sulyemanye Library
      and Mosque to see its amazing ebru collection. We will then travel to EBRISTAN,
      the home and studio of our friend Hikmet Bartcugil, for a demonstration of
      This could be a wonderful opportunity to meet Turkish ebru artists on the
      way, and it is my hope that marblers on this list who live along our route might
      contact me and we could arrange a brief visit.
      Cost of the tour will range from $2962 to $2972, depending on the number of
      participants (limited to 25). Airfare is not included and you will have to make
      your own flight arrangement to Istanbul. The tour company guiding the trip is
      Treasures of Travel, based in Edmonds, Washington, USA. A $500 deposit must
      be made by May 15 to reserve a place on the tour.
      If you are interested in the tour, please contact me off this list at my
      email address at work: _thomas.leech@..._
      For more information, Treasures of Travel contact information is:
      _Umit@..._ (mailto:Umit@...)
      Telephone (800) 572-0526
      I hope to hear from some of you soon!
      Best wishes,
      Tom Leech

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