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  • J Dolphin
    Jan 30, 2000
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      My voice is getting hoarse from saying hello to all the folks signing
      up!!!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!!..................Tell us about why you're
      here--are you wanting to learn marbling? Are you looking for places TO learn
      marbling? Have you tried marbling and had a great time? Tried marbling and
      wished you hadn't? Do you have a website that shows us your marbling? Are
      you looking for supplies? Are you having difficulty with some aspect of
      marbling? Are you working in isolation? Do you see exhibits of marbling near
      to where you live? Have you attended conferences where marbling has been
      profiled? The WORLD can be here in this mailbox--a few clicks of the
      mouse--and a LOT of people can get informed.

      To visit my Marbled Paper Art:
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