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3863Digital Books on Google

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  • Jake Benson
    Dec 1, 2006
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      For our German speaking list members-

      Josef Halfer's Die Fortschritte der Marmorierkunst
      is now online at Googlebooks.

      Unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded, and the images of the samples
      are only in black and white. Yet the full text can be read online for


      Paul Adam's English translation of his work, "Practical Bookbinding"
      contains some information about marbling under forwarding.


      Zaehnsdorf has also been mounted on Google, but I think they've done a
      nicer job over at:


      Unfortunately, no Woolnough, Fichtenberg, Evelyn, Kinder, or others- YET!

      Then again, this has just really gotten started.


      Jake Benson
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