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  • Guffey
    Nov 3, 2006

      I very much enjoyed looking at your web page and marbling, very impressive.

      You wrote:

      "Personally, I'm very picky, and about 1/2 of all my prints, upon taking them off of the bath, I fold up and toss directly in the garbage. "

      When I first started marbling I, too, tossed many sheets of paper for one reason or another (usually a large air bubble). Then I discovered "Ghost Marbling" sometimes called "Over Marbling" and started saving all my "less than perfect" sheets. After a sheet has dried you can re-alum it and re-marble over the original pattern. A stone pattern on top of a combed pattern is very effective, especially with the combed section peeking through a large stone pattern.

      Give it a try, you might like the results.

      Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

      d. guffey

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